Bruce Mills Music

End of Day
A Song for Herring Cove (Movie II)
I never thought
Holding On
Say What You Got
Little Pavane
Life is a River
I like the way you say my name
As is
Little Adagio for Guitar
One of these days
Broken Heart
You turn my heart to stone
Do you remember
I would die for you
Transe Atlantide (Dreaming of Atlantis, 2014)
One of those things
Ain't No Use
Strange New World
Diner by the railroad tracks
Tennessee Serenade (reprise)
Where do we go from here?
No True Religion
You're gonna use me up
The Words You Spoke
Just Because It's Raining (2014)
Santa Maria
Get it on the Radio
For Happy (Improv for guitar & sweet harp)
la nuit douceur
It's sweet enough
Holy Night (Takitifu Usiku)
Whatcha gonna gimme for Xmas
Peaceful the night descending
Every time you smile
Hey John
Something wrong with you
Mean Boy
Keep it Real
Blue as summertime (redux)
Day by Day
Fall like dominoes
I left my heart on the moon
Everything you are
I love your happy face
Borsky's Hat Song
Walter's Bunion
Just Because He Got a Lady
Chanson de la Moselle
What Will I Do When You Go Away
Out of the Darkness (2013)
Movie song with Sax #2
Shame on you
Me and You
Do you remember me v.2
Warsaw Two (Winter)
The Story
Right through my fingers
Like it's supposed to be
The road to peace
This House Will Stand (v.2)
I cannot sleep (Kim's Song)
Going down to Bethlehem
Canzone Italiana per l'inverno
Shepherds of Bethlehem
Fair maiden of winter
On my own for Christmas Eve
Star of Bethlehem
Spirit of Christmas (2012)
Train to Maracaibo
What would it take
Ready for Change
What's done is done
Matter of time
The Mountain
Victor's Dream
Mama Big
I'm so in love
Ominous (soundtrack)
Concerto #1
Wonder me blue (waltz)
When I see you now
Look Away v.2
Etude in B-flat minor
The Road You Take
I cannot sing the words
Why did you wait so long?
Santa Song
Snow is falling down on me
Christmas is a time for remembering
O, Padre Nostro
He looks a lot like Jesus
Go cab driver go
It's Christmas Tonight
Home for the holidays (big band)
Angels from heaven
Billy (Reprise)
Operator 911
One Chance (Reprise)
In Troubled Times
Afraid of Dying
Did you ever have a dream ...
When I'm Lonely
This House Will Stand
Little Sonata
Do you believe in miracles?
What does it mean
On this side of daybreak
If we could travel backwards
Pane of Glass
New year
Out of the darkness
I can't find no river (gospel)
Spirit of Christmas
Hand of time
When I'm lonely (instrumental)
Movie Score for February
When you're gone
No river flows
Baby I'm Missing You
The time is lost (les temps perdu)
Barcelona Lullaby
A little sunshine (soleil en plus)
Movie Score With Violin
No Middle Ground
Amazing Love
Ireland Melody
Special Christmas (Nashville)
Another Christmas Eve (Nashville)
I'll take a little sadness
Your kissing mood
China (Hong Kong 2001)
Inclusion Revolution
Three pianos (STUDY)
Eunice Road
Fat Walmart Ladies
Easy Street
Innocent Eyes
Forbidden fruit
Dare to dream
A little loneliness
Just like a fool
All or nothing
Just let me go
Southern Girls (BFD Version)
Someday (Love is going to find you)
Tennessee Serenade
Can't find my way back to heaven
Serenade Bavaria (Little Dancer)
Solitary man
A thousand ways
All for you
Just Because It's Raining
The other side
I pray for you
I would die for you
Why did you wait so long?
Where do I go (for comfort)?
Some kind of miracle
Another time - Another place
Blue as summertime
Time after time
Diner by the railroad tracks
Sound of listening
Parlez-vous francais?
Give me one chance
Cigarettes and magazines
Just because he got a lady
Right through my fingers
How blue is the moon
Beautiful princess (Diana)
Weather girl dreams
Song for all time
On the avenue (the lady is seen)
Four ravens
Do you believe in miracles?
Dancer's dream
Coming home (Death row song)
Far, far away
Do you remember me?
Angels from Heaven
Winter Carol
Never again
Special Christmas
Look away
What will I do?
Requiem (Psaumes 116)
Heart's Reflection
When I see my Jesus
Lord's Prayer
Jesus died on Friday afternoon
Southern girls
I pray for you
Irene says
Ave Maria
Holy Night
Angels on High (Gloria)
Away in a manger
Midnight Clear
Royal David's City
Infant Holy
Three Kings
God rest ye merry gentlemen
In the bleak midwinter
Rose E'er Blooming
Little town of Bethlehem
Attitude 32 B Elevators 2
Attitude 32 Elevators 1
Attitude 31 Sweeter Than Sugar
Attitude 30 Pan Am Lounge JFK
Attitude 29 Truck Bullies
Attitude 28 Cheap People
Attitude 27 Runaway Train
Attitude 26 Berlin Nights
Attitude 25 West Point
Attitude 24 Mimi's Wiener Dog
Attitude 23 Mimi's Ice Cream
Attitude 22 Wally's Walk
Attitude 21 Manhattan Lullaby
Attitude 20 Nineteen Fifty Two
Attitude 19 Fatso Burgers
Attitude 18 (30) Pyjama Jive
Attitude 17 Souk Soul
Attitude 16 Istan-Bully
Attitude 15 Manhattan Lullaby 2
Attitude 14 Manhattan Lullaby 3
Attitude 13 Pacific Sunset
Attitude 12 LA Rider
Attitude 11 Cadillac Girls
Attitude 10 Funky Franky
Attitude 9 Bobby's Ultra Cool
Attitude 8 Carmen Shakeup
Attitude 7 Chico's Parade
Attitude 6 Breakfast for Bob
Attitude 5 Sleepy's House
Attitude 4 Go On Up
Attitude 3 Holla-Holla
Attitude 2 Find That Groove
Attitude 1 Got the Money