Bruce Mills Music

Where do we go from here?
Where do we go from here?
© 2014 Bruce Mills (SOCAN)

The sound of your voice again
Is music to my ears
It's been so long and I don't know
Just way too many years

You say the grass was green
When you got to the other side
But somehow when I hear you there
I wonder if you're right
Or if you even care

We've picked up the pieces and made our amends
And caught up on changes we've seen (places we've been)
Time just kept going and we did our thing
Apart in our own separate ways

It's true what they say how the world moves on
The rolling stone keeps rolling along
But now that we're talking again
Where do we go from here?

To see you smile again
To hear you call my name
You know, everything is different now but -
Everything's the same

Time and distance disappear
When I feel your hand in mine
When you lay your head on my shoulder
And the conversation's over
Where do we go - from here?


(2) People can say what they want about us
But they don't know what we've been through
So now that we're talking again
Where do we go from here?

It's not like we're meeting for the very first time
We already know what we need -
The question right now is
Where do we go from here?
Story Behind the Song:
Second chance at love
Lyric Credits: Bruce Mills
Music Credits: Bruce Mills
Producer Credits: Bruce Mills
Performance Credits: Bruce Mills
Song Length: 4:41
Primary Genre: Country-General
Secondary Genre: Pop-Easy Listening
Tempo / Feel: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Long-Distance Love
Mood 1: Peaceful
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later