Bruce Mills Music

Winter Carol
Winter Carol
© 2006 Bruce Mills (ASCAP)

Prologue: I bring you a tale from long, lonely winter
Of spirits that come in the midnight clear
Of mysteries deep and secrets unfolding
I sing this old carol that all now may hear

About an old village nearly forgotten
High on a mountain silent and cold
Its name is unknown but by those that do live there
And those that do live there / never grow old

How they sing and they dance to the strange winter song
How for twelve days of Christmas their voices ring clearly
How they sing and they dance through the cold winter nights
But on the last day of Christmas they all disappear!

The place that we sing of is not of this world
The roof tops glitter like ice in the rain
That towering mountain has never been seen
And those that do claim to cannot / speak again

For twelve days the people are joyful
Fireplaces lit up with kindling and coal
The children are tucked into warm little beds
The Christmastime story to each / one is read -

Then they - go out and dance
For twelve winter nights
When the candles and crystals sparkle so clearly
How they sing and they dance through the cold winter nights
But on the last day of Christmas they all disappear!

Long time ago - three strangers came calling
Following bright stars that brought them here
They sang to the village an old winter carol
And begged for some supper, some comfort / some cheer

Their song was so lovely the whole world awakened
Their melodies echoed - their voices sweet
And Old Father Time has never forgotten
When from the cold valley he looked up / to see:

He saw a young mother - her new baby lay
In a low, little manger - made cosy with hay
The animals, shepherds so quietly led -
The strangers - to worship the child in his bed

Hark the / herald, the angels sing in the moon light
In the manger the baby / his gentle face beaming -
How they sing, they dance - the cold winter nights
With the angels the villagers singing out clearly

Epilogue: It was, my dear friend - long, long ago
A true timeless story - now everyone knows
Though the village is hidden - the children are sleeping
You can still see them dancing - the twelve nights / they're keeping!
Short Song Description:
Mountain village appears each year over centuries only at Christmas
Long Song Description:
Very creepy - yet wonderfully powerful and redeeming story about a magical village that appears only at Christmas. This song would be a wonderful narrative for a Christmas film.
Story Behind the Song:
Lyric Credits: Bruce Mills
Music Credits: Bruce Mills
Producer Credits: Dennis Field (Denmark Studio)
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Bruce Mills with Christine Garnet and Field Family
Label Credits:
Song Length: 5:13
Primary Genre: Folk-Religious
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo / Feel: Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Mood 1: Moving
Language: English