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Weather girl dreams
Weather Girl Dreams (5:26)
© 2006 Bruce Mills (ASCAP)

Blame it on - the weather girl - the rain is here to stay
Obsessions so magnificent and mediocre may - bring
Magnitudes of solitude - hey - all that I can say
Message to weather girl: Please send a nicer day

A cigarette or two - a little Dubonnet
The radio is saying - a storm is on its way
I'll play a game of Solitaire - and read old magazines
Sleep all afternoon - and dream weather girl dreams

Come on - pretty weather girl - can I count on you
To change that prediction - to a brighter point of view
With some superstition - you could cast a spell
To cure my sad condition - I'm not doing so well - well - well

Well you give them pretty names - Katrina, Francis, James
Those old nasty hurricanes - they don't really care
They're not listening anyway - destruction is their game
Telegram to weather girl: You can take the blame

It's very, very frightening - when you're forecasting lightening
Depressing when you make the clouds turn grey
No attitudes or platitudes can comfort solitude
Letter to weather girl: Please make those skies - just like those eyes - turn blue

Chorus (variation)
The longitude of solitude's - impossible to find
The latitude of loneliness - ain't found on any map
The geography of feelings - can't be found in any book
Oh weather girl - weather girl - please show me where to look

Blame it on - the weather girl - the rain is here to stay
Obsessions so magnificent and mediocre mood
Such a magnitude of solitude - that I can do [is]
Sleep all afternoon -- and dream - and dream my weather girl dreams
Short Song Description:
Fantasies re bad weather and TV weather girl
Long Song Description:
Absolutely 100% dedicated to the beautiful women who forecast (and robably control) the weather all around the world
Story Behind the Song:
Lyric Credits: Bruce Mills
Music Credits: Bruce Mills
Producer Credits: Dennis Field (Denmark Studio)
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Bruce Mills
Label Credits:
Song Length: 5:26
Primary Genre: Jazz-Standards
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo / Feel: Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal